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Providing innovative engineering solutions to companies of all sizes.


R & D

We have found answers, and designed systems, that our peers thought are not possible.

Let us do the same for your company.


With our extensive experience, advanced engineering analysis techniques, and industry contacts. We are able to take your idea, from concept, all the way to mass production. 


We provide both on-site and off-site training for your team on proper design techniques and philosophies, advanced analysis, and finishing projects on-time. 

Contact us for more information.


Have a new concept or idea ? Contact us today to see the most efficient way to get from idea to market, and everything in between.


We are an engineering design firm, founded by mechanical engineers with combined 3 decades of hands-on, multi-disciplinary machine design experience, and the highest graduate degrees in mechanical engineering.

Over the years we have designed everything from Orthopedic Bone Implants to Industrial Machines. We have amassed an extensive network of industry connections and partners. Which allows us to take on any project, big or small, from inception, all the way to mass production. 

Contact us today to see how we can help bring your vision to reality, or improve your existing products and processes. 



We understand that the simplest solution is the best, but it is often the hardest. It is easy to design multi-million dollar machines, with thousands of assemblies, sensors and actuators, to achieve a certain task.

The challenge is to achieve the same, or better, metrics, using less components, less complexity and with higher reliability.

That is what we do at Beautiful Anomaly. We use custom, intelligent, mechanisms and assemblies in our designs, along with the right level of automation. All designed to simplify manufacturing, assembly and maintenance. This results in surprisingly simple solutions, with much higher reliability, and at a much lower cost than other complex designs. 


Contact Us today to start the conversation about how we can help you surpass your engineering design goals, all at a lower over-all cost.


Areas of Expertise

Beautiful Anomaly Solutions | Medical Equipment
Medical Equipment

We have designed orthopedic implants, tools, as well as x-ray machines for the medical industry.

Beautiful Anomaly Solutions | Industrial Equipment
Industrial Machinery

Designed industrial machinery and tools. Both for heavy and light industries.

Beautiful Anomaly Solutions | Electronic Devices and HMI
Electronic Devices and HMI

Designed several consumer electronic devices, as well as multiple Human Machine Interfaces, along with their enclosures.

Beautiful Anomaly Solutions | Robot Design
Robot Design

Designed and build 6-DOF pick and place robots, as well as mobile robotic systems.

Modular Furniture

Currently holding issued and pending patents for modular furniture systems


Our Process


1 - 2 Weeks

We brainstorm and come up with a few different ways to tackle your problem in the most efficient way.



We design, engineer and validate the solution. Finalizing all required engineering analysis and drawings.

Full Production


We see your product through, all the way to mass production. Leveraging our tool making expertise, we can save you even more money planning, and optimizing, your production flow and processes.

Gather Requirements

1 Week

We discuss the project with you. Gathering all requirements, constraints and deliverables.

Design Path Selection

1 Week

We propose the different design paths we can take, along with the strengths, and weaknesses of each. You decide what works best for your.


3 -10 Weeks

We prototype your product. Optimizing its aspects to save you money during production, and after.

Moving Forward ...

We stay in touch to see how your product is doing. Recommending anything that could improve your bottom line, minimize overhead, and increase your quality.

Get In Touch.



Tel: (404) 939-1212

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